Arts Co (various)

Senior Curator
2007 -2009
London, UK

Exhibition included:
Soundlife London, 2009
Brompton Borders, 2009
The Art of Ideas II, 2009
Atlantis, 2008
From Now to Eternity, 2008
The Fall, 2007

Artists worked with: Committee, FAT, Gayle Chong Kwan, Gavin Turk, Hiroko Shiratori, Jaime Shovlin, Martyn Ware, Osang Gwon, Peter Blake, Raw Edges, Stuart Haygarth, The House of Fairy Tales, Tom Price, Tomoko Azumi, Troika, WOKMedia

Arts Co has been variously described as ‘A platform for talent’ and a ‘unique provider of solutions across the arts’. Founded by Isabella Macpherson and Sigrid Wilkinson, Arts Co develops and curate art and design exhibitions, arts projects, cultural marketing strategies and events.