Critical Contemporary Culture – LSE

Critical Contemporary Culture Journal
Curator and Art Editor
2011 – present
LSE (London School of Economics)
London, UK

Critical Contemporary Culture is an online journal that envisions an alternative cultural-intellectual public space. In our contemporary moment, the combination of theoretical reflection with engaged cultural practice is as important as ever. CCC is committed to re-imagining, cultivating and supporting such work and their alternative public spaces.

CCC is a conversational space, a democratising porthole, attempting to work against the restrictions of the market towards innovation, creativity and intellectual freedom. CCC brings together work in the humanities, social sciences, arts and cultural practice. It works towards providing an autonomous space.

The journal is published yearly with focus on a changing theme each year to examine through the differing perspectives of the visual arts and academic practices.

Critical Contemporary Culture gratefully acknowledges the funding and support given by the LSE.