Mrs Darling’s Kiss

Mrs. Darling’s Kiss
Programmes Curator
London, UK
Curators: Stephen Chambers and Denise de Cordova

Artists: Joan Ashworth, Louise Bourgeois, Steve Bunn, Tom Chamberlain, Stephen Chambers, Denise de Cordova, Kate Davis & David Moore, Dexter Dymoke, Jonas Grimas, Jane Harris, Tim Long, Rosa Loy, Lee Maelzer, Nicholas Pankhurst, Kate Rowles, Fiona Shaw and Mike Taylor.

Mrs. Darling’s Kiss was a multimedia group exhibition featuring works by UK-based and international artists who reflect and ‘know’ the enigmatic, the intriguing, the frustrations and lure of desire. The resulting works, ranging from painting to sculpture, installation and film, highlight the hidden power and potency that comes from artifice and its ability to linger in our imagination. The exhibition title takes its cue from the J.M. Barrie writings about Peter Pan, in which Mrs. Darling possesses an unreachable kiss.

The Enigma Of Mrs. Darling’s Kiss….