MUTATIONS – Talks Programme

In 2014, the Verbier 3-D Foundation offered educational workshops with the artists-in residence through the Swiss public school system. Each artist developed and taught a one-day class around contemporary sculpture and their specific practice.

Additionally, the 3-D Foundation collaborates with local and international programmes to develop educational and art programming for the local Verbier community at large.

The weekend courses were offered throughout the Residency to provide unparalleled opportunities for participants to gain knowledge and insight into the artistic practices and the international artworld.
Each course was designed to address the specific needs and interests of its participants. Led by the 3-D Foundation and enhanced by lectures from international experts and practitioners in the field, the Weekend Courses offered an innovative, object-based learning experience.

The Weekend Courses were hosted by ECAV- l’Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais in Sierre and the W Hotel in Verbier.

Weekend Course.1
Introduction to Contemporary Art with Curator Alexa Jeanne Kusber
Intro to 2014 Verbier 3-D Residency Projects with Artists

Weekend Course.2
A talk with artist and Verbier 3-D Founder Kiki Thompson: Intro to Sculpture
A talk with artist Andrea Hasler: Contemporary Women’s Art: The Body Today

Weekend Course.3
A talk with Curator Paul Goodwin: Intro to Curating
A Conversation with Curators Paul Goodwin and Alexa Jeanne Kusber: Rethinking Curating

Weekend Course.4
A talk with artist Bureau A: Spontaneous Architecture and Public Space
A talk with artist Tarik Hayward: Sculpture and Talking Craft

Weekend Course.5
A talk with artist Eve Bailey: Sculpture, Movement & Cognitive Science
2014 3-D Artists in Context – The 3-D Residency

All events were open to the public and offered in both French and English.