Sunday Sound Waves

Sunday Sound Waves
London, UK

Sound is ever-present; auditory mediation saturates life in the digital age – from soundtracks, to mobile telephones, to ‘noise’. Sound indexes past times and distant places; it is texture, the unseen fabric of our environment, often lying just beyond our conscious perception. It streams across networks, interrupts spaces, and shapes private dreamscapes. Sound is produced by transcoding and translation, generated from bodies both artificial and natural, transmuted into images and objects. It is produced and reproduced, stretched and compressed, imagined and heard.  – Sonic Residues, Consortium for Digital Art, Culture, and Technology (cDACT)

Throughout six weeks in July and August in 2010, the series aimed to critically engage with the surrounding environment through sound, and to explore the influences it has on new ways of making and experiencing visual forms.

The series included a broad range of artists and creators that are increasingly blurring genre lines and sensibilities in the realms of sound and the visual. Participating artists  examined this concept by recording the sounds of architectural spaces, re-inventing musical instruments, using sound as a sculptural material, or working with music and cinematography.

The six individual sessions each presented an open platform for thought and discussion by engaging the audience with diverse scenarios surveying basic ideas connecting to sound such as the interplay of music, sound and visual images on a basis of current angles of approach and interpretation, as well as entire audio-visual environments, art with sound such as installations and video art, film, television, computer games and all forms of sound design.

The series is a consideration and reflection based on its objectives, artists, events and audience engagement.

session. 1 – From Music to Sound
Janek Schaefer: Local Radio Orchestra
Live, interactive performance and film screening by the artist

session. 2 – << Sound Tracking >>
MUSE Radio
Hackney Sound Walk and Live performance by Tim Gill

session. 3 – Synesthesia 
Pure Evil and Lucas Price
Live performance and installation by artists

session. 4 – PHONO:GRAPHIC
In collaboration with Soundfjord
Live performance by Formanex and Tim Yates
Evening includes artworks and installations by David Chapman, Claudia Molitor, Steve Roden, Gary James Joynes, Jo Thomas, Bill Thompson, Luke Munn and James Saunders

session. 5 – Rhetorical Visions: Sound & Text 
James Mathé& Friends
Live performance by special guests

session. 6 – Sound Rider: Sound & Cinematography
Vincent Moon
UK Premiere film screening of Petites Planètes